Our Academy follows the Cambridge curriculum which is a popular choice for homeschooling learners. British education has achieved a reputation for quality and is recognized worldwide. One of the huge benefits is how transferable it is – students can move seamlessly from country to country. It allows flexible self-paced learning, has international accreditation and provides accessibility to exam centers around the world.

Students focus on the fundamentals of their subjects in lower grades, and as they progress, the curriculum dives deeper to explore more complex aspects of the subjects.

Our Homeschooling academy operates in 2 sections:

  • Section- 1 Lower secondary level grades 4 to 8 
  • Section- 2 Upper secondary level grades 9 to 10 (IGCSE) 


  • Grades 4 – 8: Mathematics, English, Science, Arabic, Quran, and  Information & communications technology.
  • Grades 9, 10 (IGCSE): Mathematics, English, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Arabic, and Information & communications technology.

At Workbench, Quran, Arabic, and English subjects are divided into different levels. Students are initially assessed to find the most suitable level they belong to.


Workbench Online Academy is authorized to conduct tutoring programs.

We tutor students based on the UK curriculum and assist them to appear for IGSCE exams at the British council as private candidates. The British council provides valid transcripts and certificates that are globally recognized.